Welcome! My name is Marek Beňovič. I am 26, studying master of computer science - computer graphics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. On this web page you can view information about me, photos and projects I have created.



  • Java, C
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
  • SQL (SQLite, MySQL)

Language skills

  • Slovak (native)
  • Czech (full understanding)
  • English (active)
  • German (passive)

Work experiences

  • 8. 2013 - 2. 2014 web tester / developer in Actum
  • 10. 2014 - 6. 2015 programmer - trainee in Logio


  • My interests include working out at the gym, playing table tennis, swimming and skiing.
  • For a few years I had been playing chess competitively (profil).
  • In the past I used to draw portraits.
  • Since childhood I play the piano and violin. One of my biggest passions is composing piano pieces.


  • Driver’s License - EU, Type B
  • 6 months as a member of Erasmus+ program in Bremen, Germany (2015/2016)


Erasmus+ 2015Paganella 2015Life 2014Drawings


Fracture Support for JBox2D engine (2015)

JBox2D is a game engine simulating the physics of solid objects and liquids in a 2D space. This project provides a JBox2D library extension that allows for fracturing of objects after their collision. The presented algorithm prioritizes its smooth running in real time, low processing power requirements and a natural flow of the fracturing processes. The algorithm also provides a possibility to define the materials of the objects to be fractured and set their properties, which in turn determine the outcome of the simulation process of fracturing these objects. A simple programming interface based on the logic of the library is provided. In order to demonstrate the usability of the solution, the project also contains a simple framework with test scenarios simulating fracturing of objects. This project provides new possibilities for developing 2D games for mobile devices and personal computers. The main algorithmic method used in the project are Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi shattering, convex decomposition and Hertel-Mehlhorn algorithm.



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